Resident of the Month: Dec, 2016 - Dr. Sriram Gubbi

I wanted to share the very positive experience I had with one of the residents.  Dr Gubbi was assigned to Pulmonary clinic this morning.  When he arrived, he was told that Pulmonary was cancelled.  He came to my office and said he would stay in clinic and assist with refills in walk-in (he did this on his own, without being asked to do so).  Dr Gubbi did refills in walk-in and also saw a few patients.  At about 11:30am, a patient was complaining to me in the hallway about having to wait to be seen in walk-in until the afternoon session.  Dr Gubbi heard her and volunteered to see the patient this morning so she didn’t have to wait.I think it’s important to acknowledge his efforts and let him know that they were recognized and appreciated.


Resident of the Month: Dec, 2016 - Dr. Errold Reid

Errold Reid - Did a great job while in CCU. Lead family meetings with complex dynamics. Manged his intern well and documented well. He's one of the few housestaff I've seen who's taken the time to write a short "event note" when clinical issues -labs, imaging, consult recs - change. He deserves acknowledgement for his hard work and excellent demeanor.


RESIDENT OF THE MONTH: Oct, 2016 - DR. Leonidas Palaiodimos

Leonidas is doing an exceptional job on his first month as a medicine floor resident.  On numerous occasions he has displayed an abundance of maturity and leadership when dealing with difficult patients, families, and complicated medical cases.  He has made my job incredibility easy as an attending, largely because of his sound clinical judgment and work ethic.”


RESIDENT OF THE MONTH: Sep, 2016 - DR. Ali Hafiz

I just spent two weeks in the CCU where Ali did an excellent job in every way, professional, knowledgeable, calm, collected, excellent in every way. But I’m making this recommendation now based on his extraordinary performance during a cardiac arrest as SMR today. The arrest happened in the cath lab, and the cath lab staff was disorganized, running the code suboptimally. Surrounded by cardiologists and cardiac nurses he appropriately took control of the situation, gently but clearly reminding the assembled cardiology team to give the ACLS medication that were supposed to be given (and were being forgotten). He did an excellent, possibly even perfect, job of running ACLS protocol in an uncommonly difficult situation.


RESIDENT OF THE MONTH: Aug, 2016 - DR. Hanane Ben Faras

Dr. Hanane Ben-Faras bas been doing a fantastic job in ambulatory.  She sees many more patients than anybody else, has excellent continuity purely through her own efforts (and the efforts of her patients to get back in to see HER), and provides excellent compassionate care to all.  She’s working incredibly hard and doing a great job


RESIDENT OF THE MONTH: July, 2017 Dr. Hira Latif

She is also routinely always willing to help out, to stay late and goes above and beyond for her patients in calling them to see how they are doing, if she can improve with anything.  AND she is an excellent teacher for the junior residents.


…At about 4:35pm, Dr Hira Latif came to my office and offered to see this patient.  She had a full panel today and had already seen 6 patients of her own but she graciously offered to see this patient anyway.   I would just like to acknowledge her for her willingness to help out one of her fellow residents.  This is what teamwork is all about!...


…She also went above and beyond this week with one of her patients who needed a stress test and managed care stated they were too inundated to call her insurance company to get the approval. Hira took it upon herself to get the approval and called her patient with the stress test date...


Resident of the Month: June, 2017 - Dr. Adel Mandl

She did excellent work in following critically ill patients on floors. On several occasions we have patients who are borderline and may need to stay on floor because of lack of beds in ICU. If they get some extra attention from house staff under supervision of critical care, they can still get excellent care. On several occasion during her nigh float Adel worked very closely with me, and I was impressed as always by her hard work, diligence, and positive attitude.


Resident of the Month: May, 2016 - Dr. Orlando Quintero Cardona

I would like to nominate Orlando Quintero for resident of the month for May 2016. If residency is a long grueling game of poker and each rotation is a round, Orlando is playing with a 2-7 off suit right now. And he is STILL managing to stack all the chips. His calm demeanor, cool decision-making and ability to turn negatives into positives are all breathtaking qualities this month. Never phased by sadistic SMRs, he absorbs work efficiently and arranges timely, well-packaged discharges. Every green team patient being wheeled out of 5D to a nursing home has a big smile of appreciation on their face. For these compelling reasons, I think Orlando should savor the Parisian delicacies from Au Bon Pain


RESIDENT OF THE MONTH: April, 2016 - DR. Mirza Haider Ali

Congratulations on your being nominated and then selected for our Resident of the Month award for the month of April, 2016. Your selfless work on behalf of your patients, program, department and hospital have not gone unnoticed! Well deserved!


RESIDENT OF THE MONTH: Feb, 2016 - DR. Claudia Lama Von Buchwald

I nominate Claudia Lama, PGY-1 on ACS. Claudia is motivated, showed complete dedication to her pts…remained calm, composed… comes to work with…enthusiasm and has not missed a step. Claudia treats her pts with ultimate respect and is a dedicated member of her team. We can all learn a lot from the way she carries herself.