RESIDENT OF THE MONTH: September, 2017 Dr. Priyanka Mathias

I will like to nominate Priyanka Mathias for her outstanding job as an smr in September. In addition to several follow-ups that I assigned to her, where she did a phenomenal job, she made two life saving decisions on young patients this month, and went out of her way to get diagnostic/imaging studies done for these patients to expedite triage. One patient in particular was a young guy with massive pneumonedistinum, where she convinced ED and radiology teams to get esophagogram done in a timely manner. Second lady was admitted with severe TTP and Priyanka coordinated with critical care, hematology and primary medicine team to ensure patient gets started on plasmapharesis on the day of admission. I think these are perfect examples of how an SMR should function.- and the educational value this rotation can bring in with resident autonomy.