dimiToo good to be true!

This was my first impression after my interview at Jacobi. However, as time passes by I realize that Jacobi indeed exemplifies the ideal residency program in multiple aspects:

From day one, the program will prepare you to become a well-rounded physician with leadership skills, compassion, integrity and critical thinking. By working with a diverse population, and with the right degree of resident autonomy and faculty supervision, very soon you will gain incredible clinical experience. In your personal marathon, you will always find at your side dedicated housestaff whose vigorous enthusiasm for hard work, learning, and teaching is matched only by their collegiality and support for one other. In fact, the commitment that the housestaff demonstrate, not just to their patients and to medicine, but also to each other is what sets Jacobi apart from other residency programs.

At Jacobi you will find a wonderful group of residents, an incredible cadre of distinguished faculty, a supportive staff and a charismatic Program Director who all strive to make our residency training outstanding and … real fun!

Papaspyridi Dimitra, Class of 2017

tania I absolutely loved my preliminary year in Internal Medicine at Jacobi! The training in Pulmonology and Cardiology was particularly strong, the breadth of pathologies unmatched, the patient population diverse and the teaching stellar. The faculty are excellent and supportive, as well as incredibly dedicated. Importantly for me, I appreciated being in a public hospital that provides top notch care to all New Yorkers, even those who cannot afford to pay for it.

I have gotten many compliments on my comfort with Internal Medicine. I know I owe it all to Jacobi’s intensive training and am extremely thankful! I recommend this program without reservations.

Tania Cossio, NYMC Anesthesiology Resident

Adeoye, OriadeWhile applying for residency, I knew I wanted a program with a strong clinical and educational curriculum; one that provided the right amount of
exposure while not being overwhelming. I also wanted a program where faculty were supportive, while providing me enough autonomy to grow. Above all, I hoped that the environment would be conducive to learning
and, since I knew residency would be tough anyway, I wished for a program where the house staff camaraderie was stellar.

Today, three years after, with the additional benefit of hindsight, I am glad I made the right decision. Few programs manage to check
all boxes on a potential resident’s checklist; the fact that a public teaching hospital in the Bronx did for me, is a testament to the superior organizational skills of faculty and Staff here at Jacobi.

Here in Jacobi, you will experience the broad spectrum of chronic disease presentation in both outpatient and inpatient settings, one of the several
privileges of being a NY program. You will be part of a truly spectacular international resident team which brings a rich diversity of perspective to the clinical approach. And you will do this under very caring faculty who are incredibly committed to your

Three years ago,
I made a wise decision to become a Jacobian; one that I remain especially proud of.

Today, that decision is yours to make…

Oriade Adeoye, Class of 2016

KozickyWhen it came to deciding upon a residency program I felt I needed to join a institution where I would receive a terrific education, gain valuable experience which would help mold me into a capable, intelligent, and compassionate physician. At the end of the evaluation process I saw Jacobi Medical Center as the best choice for me.

Since joining the Internal Medicine department @ JMC I have had the opportunity to work alongside and learn from several enthusiastic, brilliant teachers who have taught with a combination of didactics, discussions and bedside lessons which help cement an approach to patient care which I can proudly carry on going forward in all future endeavors. I feel a great sense of camaraderie with many talented, bright fellow house staff members that spans across any particular specialty of medicine and JMC serves as a great environment for physicians and patients to work together for the mutual goal of improving the lives of all of Jacobi’s diverse population of patients.

Mark Kozicky MD, Class of 2015

KrysthelChoosing Jacobi for my internal medicine residency training has been one of the best career choices I have made so far. I can honestly say the interview day was merely a small preview of what was to come during the next 2 years. The strengths of this program include resident autonomy and the cultural diversity of patients with a wide variety of diseases. This is something that we all look for in a program, and as a 3rd year resident I feel very confident managing complex cases with multiple co morbidities. Not only is the training incredible, but the house staff are very friendly, there is a lot of emphasis on team work and the attendings are always available for advice and teaching.

Krysthel Engstrom MD, Class of 2014