RESIDENT OF THE MONTH: July, 2017 Dr. Kavisha Patel

I would like to nominate Dr. Kavisha Patel for resident of the month. Last week she accomplished a nearly insurmountable task with her patient. She gained his trust. Sounds silly, but this particular patient has a long standing history of mistrusting anything at all to do with the medical community. Kavisha took the time to learn about this patient and actively listen to what he had to say. He has been in this hospital since June 6th and asked if he can go out for some fresh air. Not only did Kavisha take him outside, but she was able to gain his trust. He trusted her enough to tell her what he was hoping for, and that was to go home. She was also able to have an in-depth conversation with him about his disease, how it will impact his future and his prognosis. By the end of this conversation he expressed his desire to die peacefully & naturally, and most of all not being attached to machines to maintain his life. He was also eager to return home and was willing to have hospice involved in his care. I’m very happy to tell you that Mr. PB is being d/c’d today with home hospice and when I spoke to him this morning he was so appreciative of the care he received from Dr. Patel. Speaking with Kavisha I told her this was her “ah ha” moment since it made her remember why she wanted to be a physician. Personally, I always believed Kavisha to be a wonderful physician, but she has now entered the realm of being a “Shining Star”. The time, effort and insightfulness she put into this case should be commended & recognized.

I nominate Kavisha Patel. The housestaff working in the CCU when Dr Patel was there were all terrific, and, frankly, they all deserve special mention. However, Dr. Patel, in addition to doing great work taking care of cardiac patients and gently teaching her July interns how to work in a CCU, she went above and beyond with a patient who is dying of ischemic cardiomyopathy. He felt claustrophobic inside, and she stayed late repeatedly in order to be able to take him outside on the 4D patio—these breaks kept his claustrophobia under control, providing a real comfort for this patient at end of his life.