RESIDENT OF THE MONTH: April, 2017 - DR. Neal Rakesh

Neal Rakesh...I worked with Neal on Orange for 2 weeks and then for 2 weeks on ACS.
He questioned everything and also brought fresh insights to established "truths" in the context of our rounds. He is thinking, thoughtful, constantly questioning--and most importantly always seeking evidenced/plausibility based explanations that could be translated into clinical practice. But his consummate intellectual curiosity was/is matched by his solicitude toward and advocacy for his patients. He had great rapport with patients and families. Like all of our great Jacobi house staff, he spared no effort to gather the necessary data (history, phone calls, physical exam, chart review) and to execute plans to aid our patients.
It is always hard to name just one resident of the month...but he was my resident of the month these last 2 rotations!!