Resident Schedule


Medicine Floor 4 Months Jacobi and Montefiore-Weiler
Specialty Floor 1-1.5 Months HIV, Neurology, Pulmonary
Night Medicine 1-1.5 Months
Elective 1-1.5 Months Preliminary interns get 1.5-2 months
Ambulatory 1 Month Preliminary interns can opt out of ambulatory clinic
CCU 1 Month Jacobi and/or Montefiore-Weiler
ICU 1 Month Preliminary interns get 0.5 months
Vacation 1 Month


Elective 2-2.5 Months
Ambulatory 10 weeks 4+1 block schedule
Medicine Floors 2 Months Jacobi and/or Montefiore Weiler
ICU/CCU 1.5-2 Months ICU at Jacobi, CCU at Montefiore-Weiler
Specialty Floors or Day Admitting Resident 1 Month
Emergency Medicine 1 Month
Vacation 1 Month
Night Medicine 0.5-1 Month


Electives 3-3.5 Months
Ambulatory 10-11 weeks 4+1 block schedule
Medicine Consult/Senior Medical Resident 1.5 Months
CCU 1-1.5 Months
ICU 0-0.5 Months
Medicine Floor 1-2 Month Jacobi and/or Montefiore-Weiler
Vacation 1 Month
Specialty Floors 1 Month
Night Unit Chief in ICU/CCU 1 Month

All rotations are done at Jacobi Medicine Center unless otherwise specified. Elective rotations, which include clinical or research electives, can be done at Jacobi, Montefiore-Moses, Montefiore-Weiler or Albert Einstein College of Medicine (AECOM).