Belinda Jim Biography

Belinda Jim, MDBelinda Jim
Attending Physician in the Division of Nephrology/Department of Medicine, and is the Associate Program Director of Nephrology Fellowship

Phone: 718-918-5762
Dr. Belinda Jim is an Attending Physician in the Division of Nephrology/Department of Medicine, and is the Associate Program Director of Nephrology Fellowship. Dr. Jim is committed to both clinical teaching and research mentoring at all levels: students, residents, and fellows. To that end, she was given the Leo M. Davidoff Teaching Award for Medical Students in 2001 and was inducted in the Leo M. Davidoff Society for Excellence in Medical Student Teaching in 2012. Her research is focused on the search for early biomarkers for preeclampsia and diabetic nephropathy. In this pursuit, she has published with many students and trainees along the way.

Undergraduate School:
Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, Cornell University
Medical School:
Medical Degree, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Internal Medicine Internship and Residency: Montefiore Medical Center
Nephrology Fellowship: University of Pennsylvania


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