Intern Ambulatory Block

Grand Rounds Schedule available online at –

Quality Improvement Intern Ambulatory block –Ambulatory Quality Improvement Projects

What to expect in your clinic day:

1. Review Soarian Panels each day for medicine clinic

2. Check room assignment sheet in the front desk for confirmation of your clinic location.

3. Medicine Clinic Huddles (meet with your team PCA, nurse, clerk and colleagues) at 8:30 AM for morning session and 1:30 PM for afternoon session.



Block Content


  • When you first go to the website, you need to sign up for a username and password, takes 24 hrs to compete registration process.
  • Then  Log In -View and complete required modules
  • Do the Pretest
  • Case Questions – make sure to click on the “Read Summary Answer” box and to follow the links within the summary answers to important articles
  • Do the Post-test
  • Modules Required – EBM: Therapy,Home Visits: How to make a house call, Immunizations 1 and 2, Cancer Screening, Lipids is optional but highly recommended. Minimun passing score of 70% is required.                
  • Other modules are available for independent learning. 
  • Website has Big Brother function which allows us to see which modules you have completed, but not your individual scores!