Gonzalez Lugo, Jesus

RESIDENT OF THE MONTH: March, 2017 - DR. Jesus Gonzalez Lugo

I would like to nominate Jesus Gonzalez Lugo.


Palliative Care is consulted on one of his patients and we had a family meeting this week. It was evident from the patientโ€™s mother and patient herself, the time that Dr. Gonzalez has spent educating and providing support. It is a difficult clinical scenario which has been fraught with uncertainty about prognosis and scant viable treatment options. The family was well informed and even remarked in the meeting how they at times did have confusion surrounding her care, but with the information and explanations provided by Dr. Gonzalez they now had a better understanding.


Also, in my discussions with Dr. Gonzalez about the case his empathy and dedication towards providing comprehensive care for his patient shines through; going beyond just the medical and pharmacologic treatments but also supporting her emotionally throughout her illness and being a strong advocate for her.


His actions in this case epitomizes for me what being a truly good physician entails; as even when we cannot cure we always can care, and make sure patients and their families are supported during their illness.