Bizzocchi, Lilian

RESIDENT OF THE MONTH: October, 2017 Dr. Lilian Bizzocchi

I would like to nominate Lilian Bizzocchi as resident of the month.  She has been doing an absolutely fantastic job on the floors. She is incredibly dedicated to her patients and has gone above and beyond to make sure each patient gets the best care possible. "Impossible" does not appear to be a part of her vocabulary. She will jump any hurdles and go to any length to get the patients the studies that they need. We have a particularly difficult/complicated who is being followed by at least three subspecialty teams and has required an extensive workup; she has managed to coordinate the subspecialty teams as well as diagnostic suites in order to get the patient's workup done. There have many more examples of this through this time.  Her fund of knowledge is exceptional and she is able to seamlessly integrate it into a concise plan of care for the patient. She has been a role model for the junior members of the team.  In short she's highly efficient, extremely detail oriented and has shown superb leadership skills.  She is an outstanding physician with a wonderful outlook for life, a great team player who undoubtedly  has a bright future ahead of her.