Resident of the Month: Feb, 2017 - Wondim Teferi

Dr. Teferi is such a quiet resident and I hadn't had the pleasure of working with him on any rotations, but when he was day float, we all noted that he presented cases very thoroughly, with well organized plans. He was calling families, pharmacies, NH, PMDs. His orders were always complete. He always made sure all things were wrapped up for all his admissions before he left for the day. His notes are very well written - the history, physical, assessment and plan - you can clearly see his thought process and he always includes all the information hes gathered from outside sources.. Even the spelling and spacing is perfect in his notes. I was impressed to see such great work and dedication to patient care. He is going to be a great doctor to his patients wherever he decides to go - the fellowship or hospitalist route! 🙂