Resident of the Month: Dec, 2016 - Dr. Sriram Gubbi

I wanted to share the very positive experience I had with one of the residents.  Dr Gubbi was assigned to Pulmonary clinic this morning.  When he arrived, he was told that Pulmonary was cancelled.  He came to my office and said he would stay in clinic and assist with refills in walk-in (he did this on his own, without being asked to do so).  Dr Gubbi did refills in walk-in and also saw a few patients.  At about 11:30am, a patient was complaining to me in the hallway about having to wait to be seen in walk-in until the afternoon session.  Dr Gubbi heard her and volunteered to see the patient this morning so she didn’t have to wait.I think it’s important to acknowledge his efforts and let him know that they were recognized and appreciated.