We welcome your interest in the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Jacobi Medical Center. We are a very diverse program and at the same time a tightly knit family. Just like our patients

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Medicine Residency Program

Welcome to Jacobi Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Program. We are one of the two University Programs of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine located in the Bronx, NY.

A Message from our Chairman

dr-robert-faillaceOn behalf of the Department of Medicine at Jacobi Medical Center and the Jack D. Weiler Hospital of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, I am delighted to learn of your interest in our Internal Medicine Residency Training Program. As Chairman, I view the Residency Program as critical to the department's mission. In many respects, the quality of a Department of Medicine is directly reflected by the quality of its residency. We, therefore, continue to invest considerable time and effort in developing and nurturing our program.

At Jacobi & Weiler, every effort is made to empower you — the resident — to achieve your individual learning goals. Our two teaching institutions are ultra-modern patient care facilities with state-of the art equipment and fully electronic medical records. We serve an extraordinarily diverse urban patient population. We have a distinguished teaching faculty who hold academic appointments at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Opportunities to participate in clinical or basic laboratory research abound. There is a comprehensive educational schedule including daily morning reports, attending rounds, board review, noon conferences and intern-specific conferences.

Our institutions are warm and caring, and unequivocally committed to safe, effective, efficient, comprehensive evidence-based medical care…truly notable in this era of "corporate" medicine. We are very much concerned about and supportive of our trainees. We are interested in your professional and career development, but we also want you to have a life outside of the hospital.

Our web pages provide an in-depth overview of the residency program offered by our department. I encourage you to review them carefully and to plan to visit our training program to meet with us.

  Sincerely, Robert Faillace, M.D.

KozickyWhen it came to deciding upon a residency program I felt I needed to join a institution where I would receive a terrific education, gain valuable experience which would help mold me into a capable, intelligent, and compassionate physician. At the end of the evaluation process I saw Jacobi Medical Center as the best choice for me.
Mark Kozicky MD, Class of 2015

KrysthelChoosing Jacobi for my internal medicine residency training has been one of the best career choices I have made so far. I can honestly say the interview day was merely a small preview of what was to come during the next 2 years. The strengths of this program include resident autonomy and the cultural diversity of patients with a wide variety of diseases.
Krysthel Engstrom MD (Class of 2014)

Adeoye, OriadeMy first opportunity to visit Jacobi Medical Center came late 2012 on a decidedly harsh wintry morning. I made my way out of the subway, only to be greeted by a fierce rainstorm that upturned my umbrella to a water-carrying canister. I tossed it away while I wrapped my jacket about me tightly as I maneuvered the maze of lights and cars that led up to 1400 Pelham Parkway.
Oriade Adeoye, Class of 2016